Tan Hotline


A mobile sunless tanning company servicing clients in NYC.
Call or email today for more information!!

How we are different?                         *We come to you! Your home, office, space.
*Personalized formulas, custom applied.                       
*Complements your complexion and unique physique.    *Quick, easy, and fast drying.
*Professionals with 10+ years experience.                    *A hydrating body treatment that results in a golden glow.
*All natural, no parabens!                                             *Natural, pleasant scent. Great color
*Perform Bridal and Hostess Parties!                            *Actors, Models, Bodybuilders, and You!
*Ideal for Special Events-Wedding, Proms.                    *Blends imperfections
*Helps to slim silhouette eyes and teeth appear brighter. *Get that sun kissed GLOW for your special event!
*When in L.A contact:    Pashia at 310-926-1128                       www.aurycltan.com

*Spray Tanning abroad/holiday contact our European Partner  www.moiyasaint.com

*NYC Permanent Makeup Partner:                                               www.aprilmeese.com

*Clean/Green Raw, Vegan Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein Powder: Order here: Beauty from the inside-out: 

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