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What to do After Your Tan (to insure a beautiful result):

Air dry and wait about 20 minutes before putting on your dark, loose fitting clothing.
*Loose "sweats," blouses and flip flops or slides are ideal attire after your tan, and during your tan time. (6-8 hours)
*Refrain from water, perspiration, and high impact activity for the day of your tan.
*Shower as late as possible, or the very next morning after your spray tan session
*Place worn linen on your bed as rub off of the guide color is common but not permanent.
*Refrain from washing/submersing your hands in water until your first shower. (use wipes, or a cloth instead).
*Refrain from carrying your clutch or purse under your arm, as this will rub off some of the tan color.
*Do not brush your teeth, spray cologne, or put on tight clothes during your "tanning time," which is 6-8 hours after your session.

*You can apply a mineral powder on your face/body and wear lipstick and mascara if you are going out during your tan time. (6-8 hours after your spray tan).


*The first time you shower AFTER your spray tan sesssion, you WILL see guide/brown color fall to the shower floor. This is expected and is the GUIDE color used to spray you.  This is NOT the tan coming off.

*However, during your tan (which lasts 7-10 days) you should shower/bathe GENTLY, avoiding loofah, wash cloths, and exfoliation. Gentle washing will insure a long lasting tan, and no rub off. 

*You should moisturize after each shower/bath a minimum of 1x per day.

*Chlorinated pools, ocean salt water, salts baths, fruit acid washes, chemical peels and other forms of exfoliation (even a wash cloth) will diminish your tan and it WILL fade more quickly.

*During your tan treat your skin gently, but you can apply makeup, sunscreen (as you are NOT protected from the sun, even though you appear tan), jewelry, and perfume.

*As your skin naturally exfoliates, your skin will lighten and your tan will fade naturally. Once the majority of your tan has faded away you CAN now exfoliate with your choice of exfoliating product. This is especially important before your next spray tan appointment.

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